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Program Background

Current evidence suggests that bariatric surgery for non-morbidly obese patients (BMI 28-35 kg/m²) with diabetes are associated with greater weight loss and better intermediate glucose outcomes when compared with non-surgical treatments. The Pilot Metabolic Surgical Program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton aims to confirm this evidence, and analyze the long-term results of diabetes resolution and weight loss post-procedure for these non-morbidly obese patients, ultimately providing improved and expanded services for this patient population.

Program Eligibility

Patients with complicated Type II Diabetes and a BMI of 28-35 kg/m² may be eligible for the Pilot Metabolic Surgical Program offered only at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Patients across the province can be referred to this pilot program; however, they will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses (Note: patients in Northern Ontario may be eligible for Northern Health Travel Grant Program).

Program Features

Patients referred to this program receive an orientation and comprehensive screening and assessment by the interdisciplinary bariatric team to assess their appropriateness for bariatric surgery. Intensive education and nutritional counseling are provided prior to surgery. Following bariatric surgery, patients are monitored closely within the first year and then are scheduled for routine follow up for a period of up to 5 years.