Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) (formerly the Toronto East General Hospital)

Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) is a Surgical Only Site located in Toronto that partners with select RATCs and BCoEs to provide bariatric surgery to patients. MGH does not follow patients pre-operatively or post-operatively, but rather consists of a team of 2 bariatric surgeons that provide the peri-operative aspect of care. Some patients receive pre-operative care at their respective RATC or BCoE site, but are sent to Michael Garron Hospital to have their bariatric surgery. After surgery, patients return to their respective RATC or BCoE site for all post-operative care and follow-up. MGH and the other Surgical Only Sites allow the OBN to perform a greater volume of bariatric surgeries provincially and help to improve wait times and efficiency in patient care.

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825 Coxwell Avenue
Toronto ON, M4C 3E7