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Centre for Surgical Invention & Innovation (CSii)

The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii) is a Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR) accelerating the development of new image guided robotic and minimally invasive surgical tools and programs, speeding their entry into the marketplace and improving health care for Canadians.

CSii is a non-profit collaborative partnership that uses the skill and know-how of academic staff, practising clinicians and private sector business acumen to develop the next generation of medical robotic and image guided minimally invasive technologies and programs. These technologies, and the programs that employ them, will dramatically improve patient outcomes by enabling more targeted less invasive procedures.

The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation is a reality because of the vision and passion of Dr. Mehran Anvari.  As a highly skilled surgeon, he envisaged that advanced surgical tools would help to increase the capability of surgeons, reduce the trauma and recovery times for patients and increase the surgical success. The centre sets out to develop image guided medical robotic platforms that can be tailored to specific surgical applications.